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  1. Hi Alison, Thank you for this positive article on your dear Mother! I lost my beloved Father a few years ago after he had Alzheimer’s for at least a decade. The more brilliant and socially adept they are, the longer they not only survive but can thrive with this disease. My Dad was working right up until my Mother died and that was a catalyst for his final decline. I know how difficult this is and my thoughts are with you. Remember me from KC? Fran Chandler – I now go by my middle name. It is so great to see how wonderfully your career has been going, I am so happy for you! Take care…


    • Hi Leigh (Fran). So good to hear from you! Many, many people tell me they can connect either the onset of Alzheimer’s or its rapid progression with the loss of a spouse. In Mom’s case, she suddenly developed it when Dad died in 1998. I hope more studies are done in the area of stress and it’s effect on the disease. We all know what stress can do to even “healthy brains”.

      Are you still in KC? I thought about everyone back there when that wild storm swept across the country. Hope all is well.

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